Our family tradition is rooted in generations of
esteemed Chinese medicine doctors. We are a team of
health professionals specializing in Traditional Chinese
Medicine. Since 1984 in Maryland, Tri-Service Clinic has
used acupuncture, Chinese herbology, and therapeutic
massage techniques to bring each patient the most
authentic and effective treatment that TCM offers. Our
competent and caring practitioners take a holistic
approach to health with an emphasis on prevention and
treatment of the body as a whole. At Tri-Service Clinic,
you will only expect the highest quality Traditional
Chinese Medicine treatment for complete body, mind,
and spirit wellness
- Houng King, L.Ac, CMD
Founder of Tri-Service Clinic
Winner of Life time Medical Achievement Award of 2008-2009
One of the leading acupuncturists in MD, DC, VA
40 Years Experience
Tri Service Clinic
TCM & Acupuncture Center
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