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What does acupuncture feel like and is it painful?

Acupuncture needles are different from the hypodermic needles that are administered for
shots. Medical hypodermic needles are stiff, hollow, and thick for forcing liquid deep into
the patient's flesh while acupuncture needles are very thin, flexible, and usually no thicker
than a single strand of hair. For most people, the thread-like needle produces no pain or
sensation at all. When the needle hits stagnated qi or energy, patients can feel either a
slight tingling sensation or a slight dull heavy sensation. Depending on the individual some
people feel energized after a treatment, while others will feel more relaxed and peaceful.

Is acupuncture safe?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved acupuncture needles for use by
licensed practitioners in 1996. The FDA requires that sterile, nontoxic needles be used
and that they be labeled for single use by qualified practitioners only.

Relatively few complications from the use of acupuncture have been reported to the FDA
in light of the millions of people treated each year and the number of acupuncture needles

How long will a treatment take?

Depending on the patient's condition, initial treatments will usually last for about an hour to
an hour and a half. Follow-up treatments will run for about 30 to 45 minutes.

How many times do I need to come in for treatment?

As each patient's response to treatment will be different, the frequency of treatments
varies with each individual. Each patient of this office has a personalized treatment plan
designed for them following their initial treatment.  
[Treatment Plan]

Do I have to be ill or suffer from any pain to benefit from acupuncture?

Absolutely not. The entire Traditional Chinese Medicine system is based off of holistic and
preventative principles. Many patients free of pain will come in for maintenance treatments
as well as for preventative treatments. Because acupuncture focuses on treating the body
as a whole, many people will be pleasantly surprised by how relaxed and good they can
feel after a tune up of their system.

Are the needles safe?

Absolutely, the U.S. government requires all acupuncturists to follow strict sterilization
standards. All needles used in this office are stainless steel sterilized disposable needles.
All needles are promptly discarded after one use.

Is acupuncture covered by insurance?

We do participate with a number of insurance companies as provider and in discount
programs. As many insurance companies have multiple policies and plans, you may need
to consult with your insurance company for exactly what type of benefits you can receive.
In some cases, an insurance company may not have us listed on their website. If you are
unsure of your coverage, we can also call your insurance company to inquire for you. We
accept PERKSCARD courtesy of Frederick Memorial Hospital. Listed below, you will find a
few of the major insurance policies that we can work with.

  • United Healthcare
  • Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Unicare
  • Mail Handler's Benefit Plan
  • etc...
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