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Tri Service Clinic
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Tri Service Clinic
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Andrew King, LMT, EMR
Andrew King is a Maryland state licensed massage therapist, muscle technician and Emergency Medical
Responder. Andrew is a graduate from the Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage.

As the youngest son of Houng King in a family of health practitioners, Andrew is proud to serve as a 4th
generation representative of his family. Andrew's ability to combine natural talent with a wealth of family
knowledge, provides each client with the most unique but effective treatment. From a very young age,
Andrew was able to develop a deep understanding of muscles and nerves under his father's tutelage of
the various disciplines of Chinese medicine and tui-na. Andrew's professional abilities were then furthered
by attending the Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage where he was awarded his license by
the NCBTMB. Andrew also comes with a deep understanding of Chinese meridians and deep tissue
techniques. Not only is he skilled in Chinese Massage techniques, he is able to utilize a rich blend of
eastern and western modalities ranging from Swedish and deep tissue to Chinese tui na and manual

His unique style promotes balance of both the mind and body through hands-on work, education, and
spiritual support. Andrew addresses the causes of problems instead of chasing symptoms. He works with
clients in a gentle and profound way to release stress factors in the physical body and on the emotional,
spiritual and energetic levels.
Northern Virginia School of
Therapeutic Massage Diploma
State of Maryland Board of
Chiropractic and Massage
Therapy Examiners License